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Do you have this plant on your property?









Contact us the leading specialists in identity, control, removal and eradication of Japanese Knotweed.


There is a lot of scaremongering about Japanese Knotweed; unfortunately some companies and organisations try to exploit the ‘fear factor’ which surrounds the sometimes misunderstood problem.


At Tree Fella we take a practical, no-nonsense approach and discuss the issues with transparency.  Here are some important, quick pieces of information to keep in mind:


  • Japanese Knotweed being present on your property is a problem that requires action, but it is not ‘the end of the world’, as some might claim


  • Your house is extraordinarily unlikely to fall down because of Japanese Knotweed (This has been suggested by other parties to client’s who have contacted us, quite naturally feeling distressed)


  • It is a manageable species and, although it is difficult to eradicate, it is by no means indestructible



With our common sense approach, a sensible management plan can be agreed and put into action. This relieves the stress and worry for you, drastically reduces the concerns third parties (such as mortgage lenders, estate agents, vendors etc) might have and proves affordable and highly cost-effective.


We adhere to all Environment Agency guidelines in the treating, handling, transporting and disposal of Japanese Knotweed and have many years’ experience of eradicating it from various locations and properties.









 The Facts about Japanese Knotweed


  • It is an invasive species which grows quickly and can be highly resilient

  • Spreads easily from the base of  stems and rhizomes

  • If you have it on your property you have a legal responsibility to prevent it from spreading

  • Mortgage lenders are becoming more reluctant to release funds until a management plan is in place or at least an initial stage of works has been completed

  • It is classified as a controlled substance by the Environment Agency

  • It can cause environmental damage

  • It can cause structural damage (to paths, drains, concrete, tarmac etc.)





How We Can Help

  • Insurance backed guarantees - Small sites Click Here    /   Large sites Click Here

  • Advice from knowledgeable,  qualified surveyors

  • Successful and cost-effective Long term management plans,

  • Provide mortgage reports

  • Pre land/ property purchase surveys and reports

  • Simple, practical measures implemented

  • Options available for treatment

  • Herbicide spray

  • Excavation & removal

  • Barrier

  • Soil screening

  • Monitoring and maintenance post works, on all projects





Contact us for a free quotation and advice


Our experienced consultants will be very pleased to visit your site, inspect and identify the Japanese Knotweed and discuss with you the many options we can offer before proposing a management plan.


Our emphasis is always on impartial advice, transparency and building a plan with you, rather than for you and our recommendations will always take your specific requirements and concerns into account.


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