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At Tree Fella we have over 25 years of experience in pruning and caring for trees. We employ highly skilled, qualified arborists to perform a wide range of pruning operations;















Crown Thinning

To allow more light or water to reach the ground.

Crown Cleaning

To remove dead, dying or dangerous branches.

Tip Pruning

 To reduce length or weight whilst maintaining the flowing lines of the tree.

Crown reduce/shape

To reduce the crown size in all directions to leave a balanced crown structure. It is a complete crown treatment and not just a reduction in height without dealing with side branches. It is normally specified as a percentage and refers to the branch proportion to be removed in relation to the total branch length from tip to trunk.

Crown lifting

To improve access and clearance. All of these operations require care and skill to be done well The results of hurried or over-zealous pruning can disfigure a tree for ever Heavy crown reduction; removing too much of the crown.

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