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Tree Fella Bring Christmas to Parliament Square:

This past week we had the privilege of installing the 2023 Christmas Tree in the heart of London's iconic Parliament Square.

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From Kielder Forest to Parliament Square: A Festive Journey

The Westminster Christmas Tree's journey began with it's careful selection in the beautiful Kielder Forest in Northumberland. The tree was then transported to Parliment Square, in Westminster ready for us to work our magic.

Tree Fella Bring Christmas to Parliament Square The installation process unfolded with precision. Our dedicated crew worked tirelessly to ensure that the tree safely took pride of place in the iconic Parliament Square. The process even garnered attention not only locally but also on a national scale, with headlines on both Sky News and Yahoo News. Follow the link below to catch a glimpse of our festive feat:

A huge shoutout to our hardworking and passionate Tree Fella crew who made the installation go off without a hitch. Their dedication and expertise shone through on the day. Well done team.


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