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          Have you seen our tree care trucks and wonder what we do?


          Have you bought a new property and need tree care professionals?


          Do you have a tree care emergency?


Many new clients find us when they see our tree care trucks in their area. Our custom-made vehicles carry highly trained professional arborists and plant healthcare technicians for state of the art tree care techniques.


Being an Arboricultural Association approved contractor guarantees you a professional job with us using the latest techniques and the reassurance that the advice you are given is based on experience and knowledge.


Arboricultural Association approved contractors are audited to ensure competence on all aspects of good company governance these include the below;

Felling /Section Dismantling

The Tree removal can be a dangerous and complex process which should only be attempted by qualified and experienced arborists. We use modern rigging techniques and where access is available, cranes and platforms to remove trees safely and efficiently. These methods allow us to remove even the largest trees in the most difficult settings, safely and without causing damage to surrounding structures and landscaping.

Stump Grinding

If you are having trees removed or already have an unsightly tree stump on your property, with our stump grinding machines we can effectively remove tree stumps well below the soil level without disturbing the surrounding terrain. Once the stump has been ground out the hole can be back-filled and tidied up. The remainder of the stump and its root system can then gradually rot away underground without disrupting any of the surrounding features such as buildings, hard surfaces or other trees and plants.


Stump grinding is particularly useful when removing a tree from groups of other trees, which are to be retained. This makes sure the other roots are not pulled or torn when digging or winching. Our wide range of stump grinders means we have the right machine for stump removals in any environment.

Crown Reduction

The Crown reduction is a pruning operation that results in an overall reduction in the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by means of a general shortening of branches, whilst retaining the main framework of the crown.Reducing trees effectively and aesthetically is a skilful process. When carried out poorly it can leave trees unsightly and cause damage which cannot be undone.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of a proportion of small, live branches from throughout the crown to achieve an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.

This is an ideal specification for improving light and water penetration through the canopy without affecting the natural shape of the tree.


Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is primarily the removal of dead, broken or damaged branches and can include removal of crossing branches and foreign objects.Although the term ‘crown cleaning’ no longer appears in the British Standard, it is still a frequently used term to describe the removal of dead or damaged branches throughout the canopy. This is an excellent specification for safety, aesthetics and routine tree maintenance.When carried out by a professional, you will receive an aerial inspection of your tree at the same time.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of lower branches to achieve a required vertical clearance above ground level or other surfaces and structures.


Commonly used as a maintenance specification for trees in the urban environment in order to remove lower branches over roads, foot paths and driveways. Also used to provide canopy clearance over buildings, fences, shrub beds and any other structure on which the lower canopy may encroach.


Pollarding is the heavy cutting a tree so as to encourage formation of numerous branches arising from the same height on a main stem or principal branch.


This process is initially carried out on trees that have not yet reached maturity. The form of the tree can then be regularly maintained by cycles of re-pollarding at set intervals. This is not the same as ‘topping’ which is a poor practice and can be very damaging to trees.


Coppicing is the cutting of trees or shrubs close to ground level with the intention of encouraging re-growth of multiple shoots.


Historically used as a form of woodland management but can be used as part of landscape design and garden maintenance.

Hedge Pruning

Hedges are impressive garden features that provide many benefits from aesthetics and screening to wildlife habitat for our native birds. High quality hedge trimming will make the most of this asset and keep your hedges looking their best. Regular pruning will achieve the best results and often be more cost effective than less frequent heavier pruning. We are happy to provide one off pruning or as many of clients do, book your annual trim in advance at a date that best suits you.

Tree Planting

The urban setting has the potential to be a barren and stark environment. Trees are an ideal way of adding foliage and greenery to our gardens, streets and open areas. At Tree Fella we offer a comprehensive service for tree planting, from large numbers of small saplings, to mature instant impact nursery standards or individual specimen trees.


Our specialist team has significant experience in providing guidance and specifications for new tree planting, be it a single specimen, groups or large woodland. We can create a planting proposal that covers which trees to use, sizes, planting methods, costings, and after care regimes.


New tree planting when properly planned and managed provides long-term pleasure for all involved. We have helped many organisations improve their environment with new tree planting. These experiences enable us to help private residents, schools, companies and local councils get the most from their tree planting investments.

Tree Pruning

Are the trees on your property looking untidy, cluttered or full of debris?
We at Tree Fella we can provide expert advice and free quotations for a wide selection of tree pruning specifications. Whether you need a canopy reduction and reshaping to reduce the size of the tree; crown thinning and cleaning to improve sunlight to your property; remedial works to improve tree safety or just general maintenance to remove branches that are low over a driveway or growing into a gutter; we can guide you through this process.

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